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Post date 26 May 2012




1/4 lbs dry bud or dry trimmings

5 cups water (in the pot)

2 cups high-grade olive oil



Pressure cooker or crock pot

Grape press or extra-large coffee press pot

1 Medium-length metal spoon

Latex gloves (not the ones with powder on them)

Clean Container

Clean Tupperware

Fine grape press filter or coffee filter



Place the 5 cups of water in the pot and bring to a simmer (not a rolling boil). Add the 2 cups of oil and either ¼ lb of dry bud or trimmings. Do not stir, as the moving water will do this for you. Cover and turn the heat down to medium-low. You don’t want to cook the water off because this helps to keep your product from burning, and thus wasting the THC. After 20 minutes turn down the heat all the way to low. After an additional 40 minutes (1 hour total) turn off the heat and remove the pressure cooker (or crock pot) from the heat surface. The remaining matter in the pot should look like wet mashed up lawn clippings with much of the liquid remaining.


Next, scoop the matter in your crock pot or pressure cooker into your grape press or press pot. While you are doing this, ensure that you spread the matter evenly in the press, so as to get maximum pressing ability. Pour any remaining liquid into the press, as this is where the majority of the THC is concentrated. Heat up 2 cups of water and pour it over what is in the grape press or press pot. Use a fine filter and tighten this over your clean container with rubber bands or something similar. Next, begin the press the matter, slowly but steadily. The funnel from the grape press should be running into your clean container. The color running through the funnel (if it’s clear) should be dark green and gold with some tan intertwined. Make sure you get all of the oil, as you won’t want to waste one drop of this precious medication (you may have to tilt the press to get all of the liquid into your container. Squeeze out the filter over your container (this is where gloves come in especially handy, as you can become extremely high just from touching the mix) to get all of the oil. The oil should appear as an inch or so wide layer on top with more water underneath. Place this container in the freezer to solidify overnight.


When you pull the container out of your freezer the next day, you should have a clean Tupperware (or similar container) nearby. Use a metal spoon to scrape off the solidified yet somewhat doughy (it is similar to Play-Doh) mixture and place it in your container. The mix should be a light green color. Any brown matter you see is water and as much of this as possible should be removed. Once you have successfully collected all of this precious mix it will be ready to medicate with. Store it in the freezer  if you want to keep for long a long time.


Warning: ½ cup of this olive oil is equivalent to 1 ounce of cannabis. Use appropriately for your specific needs. This savory treat is great to spread on toasted bread, use in some of your favorite cooking recipes, and even makes for an extremely effective topical medication.




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